How much do I pay for AccessHealth services?

AccessHealth Spartanburg physicians treat our clients free of charge. There is a minimum $20 fee expected when clients recertify for the program, (after the 1st year).

Who is eligible for AccessHealth Spartanburg's services?

Are you:

  • A resident of Spartanburg County?
  • Without any health insurance (including Medicare, Medicaid or VA benefits)?
  • Living at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level? 


        If you answered "no" to any of the above questions, you may still receive some help. We help everyone, client or not, get in touch with the resources they need.

If you answered "yes" to all of the above questions, you may be eligible to become a client of AccessHealth Spartanburg.


Does AccessHealth provide prescription medications?

AccessHealth clients will have access, and be directed to free or substantially reduced prescription medications through Welvista and other prescription assistance programs.

What is the difference between AccessHealth Spartanburg and St. Luke's Free Medical Clinic?

While AccessHealth Spartanburg does have nurses who provide an initial assessment of a client's needs, AHS is not a medical clinic. Instead, AccessHealth Spartanburg connects uninsured clients to a medical home at one of more than 100 primary healthcare providers, (including those at St Luke's Free Clinic and the Middle Tyger Community Center Free Clinic). AHS also connects each client to community resources and programs designed to improve health and quality of life.

If I am a physician and would like to provide care to patients in my office, is that possible with AccessHealth?

 Yes. The idea is that AccessHealth clients will visit your office. We will arrange transportation for patients and will provide ongoing navigation and case management services as needed.

How many uninsured people live in Spartanburg County?

 Close to 40,000 adults in Spartanburg County have no health insurance of any kind, including Medicaid. These people are our friends and neighbors, and many of them work more than one job to support themselves and their families.

How is AccessHealth funded?

 AccessHealth Spartanburg is a grant funded program. The Duke Endowment is a major funder. Some of our local funders include; The United Way of the Piedmont, The Mary Black Foundation, Spartanburg Regional Foundation and substantial in-kind support from the Spartanburg Regional Health System. Our annual fundraising event encourages the community at large to support the program as well.

*No tax dollars are used to fund AccessHealth Spartanburg.

Where is AccessHealth Spartanburg's office?

We are located just around the corner from the SRHS Emergency Department at 631 North Church Street, Spartanburg, SC, 29303.