Internship and Volunteer Opportunities

AccessHealth Spartanburg relies upon a dedicated team of student interns and local volunteers to serve more than 2500 clients that utilize our services. AHS averages 20 non-clinical student interns/volunteers per year and 40 clinical student interns per year, typically utilizing 20 in the fall semester and 20 in the spring. Volunteers perform a variety of tasks such as helping at the front desk, documenting patient information, and organizing materials.

We welcome volunteers in a variety of capacities and would be more than willing to discuss current needs at our agency.  Individuals with varying degrees of experience have assisted with tasks as basic as filing and faxing to more complex projects requiring data collection and research. The number of volunteer hours provided for AccessHealth averages an astounding 100 hours per week!

If you are interested in applying for an internship or wish to volunteer your time, please send an email to  Carey Rothschild at Be sure to include your information and a brief summary about why you have chosen to volunteer with AccessHealth and what you hope to accomplish while working with us. Please note that all of our work is done on site and you must be local to volunteer. Once we have made contact with you, we will send you an attachment of our Volunteer Survey to assess your skill set for volunteer placement, which is also available in the drop-down menu under "About Us."