Local Physicians Making a Difference

Spartanburg County has long boasted a level of health care expertise befitting a community much larger. Now, thanks to AccessHealth Spartanburg and our partners, people who previously have been unable to can benefit from this community of caring professionals.

From family practice physicians to almost any type of specialist, from physical therapy to mental health and social services professionals, AccessHealth Spartanburg has created a groundbreaking network of experts. And because they are so deeply invested in their community and its future, they have committed to helping AccessHealth improve the lives of thousands of local residents. When a health care or social services professional joins the AccessHealth Spartanburg network, they help people who would otherwise put off needed check-ups, preventive care, and other health and wellness needs. Others might visit the emergency room for routine needs, while some would go without care at all.

What AccessHealth Spartanburg's partnering professionals share in common is a unique opportunity to make an essential difference in the lives of people and in the health of their community.