How Do You Want to Serve?

As a coordinator of medical and social service care for the uninsured population of Spartanburg County, AccessHealth Spartanburg requires a vast resource of volunteerism in order to function at its greatest capacity. To tap into this need, AHS is actively recruiting compassionate, people-oriented leaders who can assist staff in a variey of office tasks.

In order to accomodate volunteer skill sets with our operational needs, AHS is offering a brief survey to familiarize volunteers with potential volunteer duties they might encounter. Please consider your interests as you complete the survey by marking the tasks you would feel competent completing.

Category I: Client/Physician Interaction

[  ]     Assisting the receptionist with the welcoming of clients and notifying staff when they arrive

[  ]     Answering incoming calls, taking messages, and forwarding calls to staff

[  ]     Assisting clients as they "shop" in our Gifts-In-Kind closet of donated personal items

[  ]     Conducting goal updates for clients and assisting in their applications for prescription and government assistance

[  ]     Assisting our social worker and RN with clients, identifying barriers to their success and solutions to their concerns

[  ]     Assisting in phone calls to physician offices to schedule speciality appointments for clients

Category II: Office Management

[  ]     Managing documents that require filing, scanning, printing, mailing, or emailing for staff members

[  ]     Maintaining our technological records and updating as needed, requiring the use of CareScope, the SRHS website, the AHS website, the Benefit Bank website, etc.

[  ]     Completing valuable research to the progress of AHS, including assistance in the assessment of other similar organizations nation-wide

[  ]     Creating AccessHealth ID cards for clients as necessary

[  ]     Maintaining appropriate and detailed records of interactions with clients

[  ]     Partnering with staff and community partners to attend scheduled meetings dedicated to resolving community health issues

After you have completed the survey, please include it in an email to our volunteer coordinator with a short paragraph about why you have chosen to volunteer with AccessHealth and what you hope to accomplish while working with us. Thank you for your interest in AccessHealth Spartanburg, and we look forward to your service!