AccessHealth Funders and Partners: Making a Big Impact in Their Community

Spartanburg County is home to 38,848 adults who have no health coverage of any kind. They have no insurance, and are not eligible for either Medicaid or Medicare. These people, many of whom work two and three jobs, cannot experience what many of us take for granted: the dignity of being able to visit the doctor.

This puts these members of our community at great risk. Some receive limited and inconsistent care at an emergency room. Others may neglect health problems altogether. Preventive care, meanwhile, is almost unheard of for the uninsured.

All this affects the entire Spartanburg community, driving up health care costs and burdening hospitals and social services agencies. Children whose medical needs go untreated are more likely to struggle in school -- and to pass illnesses along to classmates. Adults who go without preventive care or are unable to pay attention to early signs of sickness become more expensive to treat as their physical problems worsen.

AccessHealth Spartanburg is establishing a network of local physicians and other healthcare providers to address the needs of uninsured people in our community. Unlike a clinic -- though AccessHealth may partner with clinics in a variety of ways -- patients in our network will visit doctors throughout the community at their regular offices. We aim to create a system in which patients receive consistent, ongoing care, and physicians are able to treat patients in the most convenient and efficient way possible.

The Duke Endowment provides key funding for AccessHealth Spartanburg. But your help is needed in order for this network to grow and reach all of the people in our community who are in need. There is perhaps no more direct way to help build a healthier, more productive community and a more sustainable local health care system than by investing in AccessHealth Spartanburg.

To learn more about how you can get involved, call us today at (864) 560-0190.

Primary Partnering Organizations

Forrester Center for Behavioral Health

Mary Black Health System

ReGenesis Health Care

St. Luke's Free Medical Clinic

South Carolina DHEC

Spartanburg Area Department of Mental Health

Spartanburg County Medical Society

Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

USC Upstate



Additional Community Partners

Miracle Hill Rescue Mission

Sherman College of Chiropractic

Spartanburg County Detention Center

United Housing Connection

Westgate Family Therapy