Smoking Cessation Program

Kicking a nicotine addiction is hard — AccessHealth is here to help

One of the first services AccessHealth care navigators connect some clients to is smoking cessation assistance. The health risks and complications associated with smoking and nicotine are major obstacles to overall improved health, so overcoming this addiction is critical.

AccessHealth connects clients to the South Carolina Tobacco Quitline, a program of the S.C. Department of Health & Environmental Control. The Tobacco Quitline utilizes proven techniques to help people quit using all forms of tobacco. According to its data, people who use the Tobacco Quitline are eight times more likely to successfully stop using tobacco.


The program provides one-on-one weekly coaching sessions, provided over the phone. And people in the program are able to call a Quit Coach seven days a week for additional support or information. The program also provides regular emails and texts that provide additional information and tips to help combat urges and help people stay on their custom action plan for quitting.

Every client enrolled in the Tobacco Quitline program also is supported by their AccessHealth care navigator. Overcoming a tobacco habit is difficult and can often take many months. Our care navigators understand the challenge and that there are often relapses during the process. Building a trusting relationship in which clients feel supported rather than judged is critical.

Since AccessHealth opened its doors in 2010, it has referred more than 1,800 clients to the the Tobacco Quitline. 


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