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Coordinating care for the uninsured

A groundbreaking program started in 2010, AccessHealth Spartanburg is today a national model for addressing social barriers to health care and improving health outcomes. Supported by The Duke Endowment and recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for its impact, AccessHealth Spartanburg has directly helped more than 8,000 uninsured people improve their health and connect to other forms of social assistance while helping to save the health care system millions of dollars locally.


A coordinator and navigator, not a clinic

AccessHealth Spartanburg community case workersAccessHealth Spartanburg is not a health care clinic. We employ no physicians, and AHS does not provide direct medical care. Instead, AccessHealth Spartanburg provides care coordination and care navigation for uninsured adults in Spartanburg, Cherokee and Union counties living at 200% (or lower) of the federal poverty level. Designed to be a link between the uninsured and local care providers, AccessHealth Spartanburg guides its clients to a network of physicians, specialists, and other health and social service professionals. Most of these partners in the AHS network have donated their time and expertise to help their fellow residents and improve the community’s health outcomes.


Working for better health, stable lives, and a more sustainable system

AccessHealth Spartanburg's focus is on our clients. We leverage our expertise and network of partners to help people overcome the barriers they face and improve their health. By working closely one-on-one with each of our clients, we are able to build trust, identify their unique barriers to improved health, and create a plan to address their needs.

This approach has proven to be effective, producing long-term improved health that first and foremost helps people, while also producing significant benefits to the community as a whole in the form of more streamlined, efficient services.


What We provide

AccessHealth provides comprehensive care navigation and coordination. We work with our clients to identify barriers to care, and then connect them with medical homes, organizations and programs. 

Supporting Health Care Access
Supports our Entire Community

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