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Physicians believing in the AccessHealth mission

We are blessed to have a rich legacy of philanthropic investments. This includes our community of physicians and health care providers.

One of the biggest barriers to better health outcomes is a lack of access to care. To address this, AccessHealth has built a network of local physicians who donate their time and expertise to treat our clients. In turn, AccessHealth provides wraparound assistance to physicians who want to directly help address public health by treating low-income, uninsured people in their home community. 


Low-income, uninsured patients with complex medical conditions often face a number of social barriers to improved health. They might live in substandard housing, or even be homeless. They might not have reliable transportation, and therefore have a difficult time making it to appointments. There may be language or cultural barriers, or behavioral health conditions that contribute to or exacerbate medical issues.

Without the kind of support AccessHealth provides, these types of social barriers or behavioral health conditions can make it very difficult for people to improve their health, even if they are able to access a physician's care for their medical conditions. And physicians can sometimes feel their efforts to treat people with social barriers to care are in vain.

That is where AccessHealth and its model of complex case management comes in. Physicians who partner with us are supported by care navigators who help ensure our clients make it to appointments, get assistance with their prescriptions, enroll in smoking-cessation programs, access behavioral health services, and, if needed, improve their housing situation, among other support services.

The result is physicians who can develop treatment plans knowing there will be support and follow-through, and people whose overall well-being improves along with their health. At the same time, our local health system, economy, and communities are strengthened as individuals become healthier and more self-sufficient.

Some of our partner physicians have treated dozens of AccessHealth clients; others, only one or two. But from primary care physicians, to chiropractors, to dozens of specialties, partner physicians work with our staff to determine their capacity. It all makes a tremendous difference in our efforts to improve community health outcomes in Spartanburg, Cherokee, & Union counties.

If you are a physician in Spartanburg, Cherokee, or Union county, you can learn more about how to help our community through volunteering with AccessHealth by contacting us today.

AHS Physicians

"AccessHealth Spartanburg has changed the world for thousands of people, and has made our entire community and health care landscape stronger. I encourage my colleagues across Spartanburg County to strongly consider how they can contribute to this work." — Dr. Rob McDonald


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