Case Studies

Helping to find the 'right place to go' - November 7th, 2018

For some people recently released from prison, AHS provides much-needed assistance. Read more

Managing complex health cases - October 3rd, 2018

AccessHealth Spartanburg is pioneering a new model for navigation and management of complex health cases. Read more

Addressing causes, not just symptoms, of poor health - September 11th, 2018

AHS's model of care coordination helped this stroke victim get a fresh start. Read more

Case management in action - June 13th, 2018

When people face an avalanche of challenges, AHS helps with a complete wrap-around approach. Read more

'They make you feel like a person, not a number' - May 7th, 2018

How AHS treats clients is as important as the services they connect them to. Read more

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